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My husband cannot last more than 1 minute in bed’


My name is Thelma, a 32-year-old married woman. I have been married to Frederick for five years now with no issue to show for it because my husband is half impotent.

I say half impotent because even though he has erections, but they do not last and he cannot last more than one minute and this is frustrating me so much.

We got married after dating for a year and before we began dating, I had told him there would be no sex before marriage because I was tired of being used and dumped by men. I wanted a man who just wanted to have a taste of my body and move on.

Fred was not opposed to my option as he was very much in love with me and told me from the first day we met that he wanted to marry me.

I now wish I had given in to the urge of having sex with him before marriage as I would have known that I what I was getting into.

It on our wedding night that I found out that his eagerness to agree to my no-sex policy was just a smoke screen because after we retired to our bedroom and I expected my newly wedded husband to tear me apart having waited for it for one year.

But I was disappointed when he ejaculated even before he could enter me. He apologized profusely and told me it was the excitement and the anxiety that had been building up in him that made him come so fast.

I felt bad that on my first night as a married woman, my husband could not make me feel like a woman but I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Later that night, I tried to get him aroused but it was in vain as his manhood refused to get erect no matter what I did to him.

And since then, it has been the same story because anytime he manages to have an erection, he would lose it as fast as it came and sometimes while romancing, he would ejaculate.

We have been to many doctors and prayer houses for a solution to no avail. I am so frustrated that after five years, I am yet to have my own baby and my husband cannot satisfy me in bed.



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