Home Lifestyle MUST READ: 5 Reasons Why You Are Always Side Chick

MUST READ: 5 Reasons Why You Are Always Side Chick


you may be wondering why guy always use u and dump you which throws you into random of heartbroken.Now let be straightforward.


when you are no where to be found than your boyfriend’s crib, morning, afternoon,till night.
He will be thinking how cheap n lazy you are, and next thing u heard from him is ”can you give me space’ just know he won’t have anything serious with you than a side chick(fuckmate).


can you be in a relationship without offering sex to your bf?you are a rare gem once he hasn’t have access into your kitty.
stop giving him sex n you will know where you r in his heart, if u aren’t offer it, congratulations u still have space in his heart


the day you keep asking recharge card without using it calling him, asking money, money for hair, money for cream,he cant take u serious anymore because he see u as other poor girl.
is he your father


from the day you firstly starting overwhelm him with affection, professing love to him, u had simply scared him off.
next time let him do the talking

bad behavior

from being dirty,stubborn,unintelligent and so on


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