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Africa sets to get ‘Vaginal Ring’ that prevents HIV/AIDS transmission during sex


Africa will soon receive a new vaginal ring that will help to prevent transmission of HIV/AIDS in the continent.

This new tool is expected to undergo a trial test in Africa, after a successful six-month trial among teenage girls in the United States of America. This ring as reported is treated with dapivirine – an antiretroviral drug, and can be worn for a month.

According to Ms Sharon Hillier, a principal investigator in the project, “HIV doesn’t distinguish between a 16-year-old and an 18-year-old. Access to safe and effective HIV prevention shouldn’t either; young women of all ages deserve to be protected,” Enhanced Protection”

In Africa, HIV is one of the major health concerns as more than two-thirds of the total number of people living with HIV today are Africans. The continent accounts for almost 69 percent of people living with virus across the globe.

This tool would be placed on the cervix and would give women the opportunity and freedom to protect themselves from the deadly virus. Also, it is a more assuring protective contraceptive as condoms is noted to break sometimes during sexual exercise.

Results from the USA’s pilot test shows that 87 percent of the 96 teenage girls involved in the study had detectable levels of the antiretroviral drug in their vagina after the six-month trial period. Hence, making the ring safe and suitable for use by young women.

The ring also contains microbicides that are delivered into the vaginal compartment and are absorbed by cells and tissues.


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