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PHOTOS: Woman who breastfeed a puppy and ‘fertilised’ one of her eggs with a dog cell

Pics shows: Artist Maja Smrekar received the "Golden Nica" from Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria; An artist had her eggs artificially fertilised by cells from her pet dog as part of an award-winning project. Slovenian artist Maja Smrekar was awarded the Golden Nica in the Prix Ars Electronica for a series of works celebrating the relationship between humans and dogs. Most controversially, her eggs were artificially fertilised with somatic cells from her pet dog, Byron, a Scottish Border Collie. Somatic cells are non-sexual cells so the material used was not sperm and the process used was not fully explained. The Ars Electronica website said: "The result is a hybrid cell, inherent in which is a dystopian scenario but which could create a new species whose chances of survival on Planet Earth are better than ours..." Ms Smrekar also reportedly breast-fed an Icelandic Sheepdog called Ada after going on a special lactation-enhancing diet as part of her performance artwork. And she provided serotonin, a tissue hormone and neurotransmitter, from her own body and from Byron for chemists to use to make a special human-dog fragrance, called I Hunt Nature and Culture Hunts Me. Her project, entitled K-9_topology, took the Golden Nica for Hybrid Art in the Prix Ars Electronica. The jury said in a statement: "K-9_topology is a true hybrid artwork with a profound bio-political message and is certain to bring a lot of discussion to the audience from both the art and science sides." The Prix Ars Electronica is one of the best known and longest running yearly prizes in the field of electronic and interactive art, computer animation, digital culture and music. Winners of the Golden Nica, the highest prize awarded, receive a handmade gold-plated replica of the Winged Victory of Samothrace, a Hellenistic sculpture from the second century BCE.

A woman who breastfed a puppy and even fertilised one of her eggs with a dog cell has won a prestigious art prize. Maja Smrekar conducted her bizarre projects while living in seclusion with her dogs as part of her ‘K-9_topology’ art experiment

The Slovenian artist underwent systematic breast pumping in order to trick her body into producing breast milk before breastfeeding a puppy during the piece. She also took a fat cell from another dog and used it to ‘fertilise’ one of her eggs using a method similar to IVF. She used a fat cell form the dog, so no dog sperm was used and there was absolutely no way the egg could have become an embryo, which would have been impossible even if a sexual cell from a dog was used.


Despite the slightly unnerving nature of her art, the critics love it, and have awarded her with the ‘Golden Nica’ at Prix Ars Electronica in Austria. The jury released a statement saying: ‘The artwork K-9_topology at first sight may engender feelings of shock and possibly even dismissal – the complexity and explicitness of this project is difficult to explain without dangerous simplifications.

‘When considering the awarded artwork, the jury understood that it is important to follow the entire process, as this is an extensive artistic investigation developed through three years in four consecutive projects.’ Smrekar created a video which shows her breastfeeding dogs, sleeping naked next to them and performing the fertilization (it’s a bit NSFW). On her website the artist said the project was intended as an ‘observation of zeitgeist through the so called thanatopolitical dimension of contemporary biopolitical practices’.





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