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Booty play-Things you should know before trying ‘butt stuff’ for the first time


There are taboos attached to anal s8x and the whole bUtt plug-lube-insert-so-now-what can be intimidating (not to mention the potential for messy sheets). Many people think you just shove an un-lubed penis in someone else’s bum. Some people are afraid of the um, shall we say, unexpected exit after the session.

To break down the mental blocks and start off with the se-xiest part of se-xual activity — education — we spoke to Alicia Sinclair, the founder and CEO of b-Vibe, about booty play basics for beginners.

Debunking myths about anal s-ex

Metro (M):  What’s with the taboo of anal s-ex?

Alicia Sinclair (A.S.): Due to cultural stigmas, people associate anal se-x with a variety of misinformed assumptions. These can be anything from thinking a man is “gay” because he enjoys anal stimulation to calling a woman a “slut” because she enjoys anal sex. Interestingly, being a ubiquitous body part, the anus is actually something anyone can enjoy.

Additionally, most women believe that anal play doesn’t feel good and it’s something they “do” for their partner. This is incredibly disempowering and causes women to expect pain, rather than pleasure.


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