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Bisi Alimi ‘Pastor Adeboye is a thief, rogue, irresponsible, vile’ – Gay activist bombs RCCG GO


Nigerian gay activist, Bisi Alimi has descended hard on Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God [RCCG], calling the revered man of God a thief, irresponsible and a vile man who steals from his congregation.

The United Kingdom-based gay man was reacting to Pastor Adeboye’s statement at the opening of the RCCG Holy Ghost Congress at the Church’s headquarters on December 4, 2017, where he said that anyone that buys a car with the money he did not earn lawfully would be riding in a moving coffin.

The statement was also posted on the verified Twitter handle of the RCCG GO but it did not sit well with Alimi, the first known Nigerian man to come out as gay and he also took to his verified account with the handle Ashiwaju Bisi Alimi‏@bisialimi to call out the man of God, saying Pastor Adeboye is not only a thief who steals from his members, but an irresponsible man and vile.

Bisi Alimi has called out on Pastor AdeboyeThis is what Pastor Adeboye tweeted:

“If you buy a car with a money you didn’t earn lawfully you’ll be riding in a moving coffin.”

Reacting to the statement, Alimi slammed Pastor ADeboye with his own series of tweets and called him so many names:

This is how he started:

“This man is irresponsible and vile. He is the same man that buys private jets with stolen money and lay curses on his congregation if they fail to pay tithe.”

“With this tweet, @PastorEAAdeboye assumes that his fraudulent ways of stealing money from his followers is somehow lawful, and hence his private jets are not flying coffins.”

“According to @Forbes in March 2009, Pastor Adeboye spent $30 million on a Gulfstream jet amidst widespread criticism. Pastor Adeboye has no job apart from being a pastor. He is a rich pastor in a rich country of poor people. See why he is a fraud?”

“According to same Forbes, his net worth is valued at between 39 to 65 million Dollars. That is $ and not N. Pastor Adeboye has no job apart from being a pastor; can we let that sink in?”

Bisi Alimi, the face of an angelic troublemaker 

“@PastorEAAdeboye’s income thrives on the corruption of the political class and the vulnerability of the poor in his church. This is the same man that asked for N1b donation in his church in a country with almost 40% unemployment rate.”

“The moral of my tweets is that Adeboye’s tweet was sent without him looking in the mirror and seeing that he is the thief and rogue, he is abusing in his tweet.”

“It is either Pastor Adeboye is taking a piss on Nigerians or he doesn’t know he is a clown and I say this with so much respect for him and his fraudulent antics. #pastoradeboye #nigeria #419pastors #nigerianpastors.”

Apart from attacking Pastor Adeboye on Twitter, Alimi also went to his Instagram page where he also painted the man of God as the devil incarnate himself who does not have any moral right to tell Nigerians not to steal.

Read what he wrote on Instagram:

“Why don’t we start today with the foolery of @pastor.adeboye? It seems the man has refused to look in the mirror and see this person flying in a coffin is him and his cohort of armed robbers who call themselves men of God!”

Here is why you should never expect these 3 things from your pastor 

This is not the first time Bisi Alimi has attacked and insulted Pastor Adeboye and other men of God as he had, in the past, come out openly to call them names, claiming they are stealing money from the people and living like kings while their members have been living in abject poverty.

See the tweets here:


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