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“Kiss Daniel was paid N50k for 2 years, forced to perform when his father died,” singer’s lawyers accuse G-Worldwide


The latest, a release from Kiss Daniel’s legal reps, L & A Consults, contains some shocking information. According to the statement, while at the height of his fame and success from 2015, the singer only received a stipend of N30,000 and later N50,000.

“This is the same Label that was paying Kiss Daniel only 30k and later 50k per month for about two years despite Kiss Daniel’s performing at several shows and making millions of naira for the label within the same period!” the statement read. “Yet, Kiss Daniel never create any noise or scandal. How many Nigerian Artist can tolerate for so long what Kiss Daniel has endured without creating any scandal?”

On May 9, 2017, a few days after his 21 birthday, Kiss Daniel lost his father. The G-Worldwide recording artist, who had just returned from a trip to Kenya, where he had gone to shoot a video and also make appearances at some event went into mourning. But according to the lawyers, his grieving was not respected. He was forced to perform and sell his art.

“This is the same label that forced Kiss Daniel to perform few days after his father’s death and while still in the village trying to give his father a befitting burial. They put money first. They insisted he must interrupt his father burial rites and must perform or they will crush him in the industry,” an excerpt of the statement read.

Kiss Daniel was signed to G-Worldwide Entertainment in 2013. He broke out in 2015 after the success of ‘Woju’. In 2016, he released his debut album “New Era.”

Elsewhere there are also claims that Kiss Daniel received no funding from the record label fro the creation of records. Instead, the singer has been funding his projects from his pocket.

Check out the full statement below.

  1. Kiss Daniel did not walk out of his contract. He only terminated it as he is permitted to do under the contract. Is it now a sin for a party to exercise a right expressly conferred on him by law/contract? Is it the fault of Kiss Daniel that the contract has a termination clause that allows Kiss Daniel to terminate the contract? We should bear in mind that the contract was drafted by G-Worldwide Entertainment. Kiss Daniel scrupulously followed the provision of the contract. It is unfortunate that people are mixing this case up with that of other artists running away from a contract they signed. No! This is different. This is a case of an Artist insisting that the contract signed by the parties must be obeyed and enforced. Kiss Daniel is firm believer in rule of law and due process. This was why it was Kiss Daniel that went to court first. People should not confuse a case of properly terminated contract with cases of ill-advised artists who angrily walked out of their contract without following the laid down procedure under their contracts. Kiss Daniel’s case is a well thought out act. It is an exercise of right granted to him by the contract between him and his label. What do people want from Nigerian artist? If they don’t employ lawyers, people criticize them. Now that Kiss Daniel has employed one of the best I.P. law firm in Nigeria with a Professor of I.P. and a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), people are still calling him names for acting in accordance with his contract! When Artist don’t obey or assert their rights under their contracts, people abused them, yet the same people are abusing Kiss Daniel for obeying and enforcing the Termination Clause provided in his contract! Na wa o. This is not a Kiss Daniel’s fight alone. This is a fight for all Nigerian artists except we are saying only artists must obey and comply with contract but record label are free to do as they wish?

  2. Finance:  Why is G-Worldwide afraid to grant Kiss Daniel unrestricted access to his account and books as provided by the contract? The whole relationship between a record label and an artist is about making money and sharing it. Finance and money