Thanks to the current PMB administration, the APC has faced a lot of criticisms as a result of failure on their part to fulfil all promises made during the elections. PMB being the face of the party has been tagged unserious by those who feel he is yet to show leadership strength and skills in handling delicate affairs of the country.

Following the series of attacks from the Fulani herdsmen, a retired military officer has voiced out his anger over the nonchalant and poor response to tackling the issue on ground. He expressed further saying President Muhammadu Buhari should have removed the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, from office.

Colonel Hassan Stan-Labo said this on Sunday while reacting to the President’s statement in Benue State. He stated in an interview that President Buhari needs to take more action as the Commander in Chief of the Federal Republic.

“The President as the Commander in Chief of the Federal Republic is the State. He is the State. The president should, therefore, bring to bear on governance generally.

“If I was the commander in Chief, in his (Buhari) position. As I am telling you that I am surprised he never went, I will immediately be announcing his retirement asking the next fellow to remain in the acting capacity until I appoint another Inspector General.”

He added that the President’s action if he had sacked the IGP, would have sent a message to police officers who work in a lackadaisical manner. Stan-Labo said the police are overwhelmed by the incessant killings and cannot solely tackle the herdsmen-farmers successfully.

He suggested that more military intervention is needed.

President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday last week said he was not aware that the Inspector General of Police left Benue State for Nasarawa State after he was ordered to relocate to the state.

This led many to wonder why the IGP would flout the Presidents without repercussion making the president seem lacking in power.



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