Home News 5 allegedly dead as Boko Haram returns Dapchi girls

5 allegedly dead as Boko Haram returns Dapchi girls


Early this morning, it was reported that the recently abducted Dapchi girls had been returned by the insurgent Boko Haram group. However, 5 of them were allegedly reported dead.

Further confirmation was given when one of the fathers of the abductees admitted seeing his daughters.

“The report is true. I have seen my two daughters who were kidnapped last month,” he told The Cable.

Sources also claim that there has been pandemonium in the town as people have been running out of fear of what might happen next.

“Boko Haram just returned the kidnapped girls this morning. They brought them back in the same set of vehicles which they used in conveying them last week,” the resident said.

International media agencies such as BBC also reported the incident as a reporter Stephanie Hegarty, gave an update on her twitter handle this morning.


In addition to this, Sahara Reporters also confirmed the story claiming that the terrorist group came with the girls in nine vehicles the insurgents used in kidnapping them. It added that five of the girls are feared dead.

We are yet to ascertain if the Federal government paid a ransom or exchanged some of the arrested Boko Haram culprits for the release of the Dapchi girls.

More details coming soon.


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